This DEED OF SALE is executed on

(Mr./Ms./Sri./Smt.) (AADHAAR No. ) (PAN No. ) aged years (S/o/D/o/W/o) residing at Door No./Flat No., (Village/Muncipality) , Mandal, Dist., State, hereinafter called the 'VENDOR' which term shall wherever it occurs in this deed shall mean and include their heirs, executors, assignees, attorneys, legal representatives, successors-in-interest and administrators on one part:

In favour of

(Mr./Ms./Sri./Smt.) (AADHAAR No. ) (PAN No. ) aged years (S/o/D/o/W/o) residing at Door No./Flat No., (Village/Muncipality) , Mandal, Dist., State, hereinafter referred to as the 'VENDEE' which expression shall whenever it occurs in this Deed includes his heirs legal representatives, executors, assignees and administrators on other part.

Whereas the vendee are seized and possessed as absolute owners of the land measuring an extent of acres covered by survey No. situated at Revenue Village, Panchayat, Mandal, District of , which is more fully described in the schedule hereunder mentioned and here in after referred to as SAID LANDS are being (ancestral/ sale/ gift) Pattadar Pass Book and Title Deeds on his name, and ever since they have been in uninterrupted possession of the same enjoying jointly it as absolute owners.

WHEREAS the vendee are not deriving sufficient income from the SAID LAND and in order to meet family necessities, welfare of the other family members belongs to their families and discharging antecedent family debts and the balance amount to invest on some other property elsewhere more profitably which is considered as beneficial to them decided to sell away the same and WHEREAS the vendee offered to purchase the SAID LAND for a consideration of Rs. /- (Rupees ). Which the vendor having considered as fair and reasonable and reflecting the true and correct value of the SAID LAND as per the market values prevailing in that area, accepted and agreed to sell the same to the vendee as per the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon between both parties and setout hereunder:


That in consideration of payment of Rs. /- (Rupees ) paid to the vendor, by the vendee, by way of Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer in various occasions prior to the registration of for full sale consideration of the schedule mentioned property, the receipt of Rs. /- (Rupees ) of which the vendor hereby acknowledge. The vendor having full and absolute title and ownership of the schedule mentioned property do hereby sell, convey, transfer and assign upon the Vendees, the schedule mentioned property with all water ways, liberties, privileges, opportunities and advantages belonging to the vendor.

That all the estates, title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever of the vendor in respect of the property hereby conveyed and every part thereof shall vest on the vendee absolutely. That the vendor and all persons claiming through them do hereby convenient with the Vendee that the vendor have lawfully secured and possessed the property free from all encumbrances or defects whatsoever and they have absolute rights and authority to sell the schedule mentioned property. That the possession of the schedule mentioned land property have been delivered to the vendee today, and any claim, dispute, litigation arising out of this sale deed concerning the title, right to the property shall be defended by the vendor at their cost and the Vendee shall not be dispossessed or threatened to be dispossessed of the scheduled mentioned property due to any reasons at any future time.

That the vendee herein after shall peacefully and quietly enjoy and possess the schedule mentioned property without let or hindrance either from the vendor or anybody claiming through them and that the Vendor shall indemnify the vendee, if he sustain any loss on account of any defect in the title of the vendor.

That the vendor further declare and assure the vendee that there are no attachments, mortgages, gifts, or other subsisting, liabilities whatsoever on the scheduled mentioned property and that the vendee is at liberty to get the same entered in his name in all the relevant records and pay taxes from this day onwards and enjoy the same absolutely from generation to generation.

In witness whereof the vendor and the vendee are herewith signed on this Deed of Sale on the date, Month and year mentioned above.

Schedule of the Property

The Schedule Land measuring Acres covered by Survey No. of (Village/Muncipality) , Mandal, District, State. DRY/WET land as follows:

Survey No. Extent
(in Acres)
Total Acres

bounded by:
East :
West :
North :
South :


The vendor hereby declare that there is no Coconut tope or mango, Etc., gardens and any constructions or any uncompleted constructions on the sale deed property. In the Vacant Ziroithi land now being transferred, that if any suppression of facts is notice at a future date, the vendor will be liable for prosecution(Under a Stamp Act. Sec. 27&64) as per law besides payment of the deficit duty. This is not an Assigned or Government land or Endowment or Walkf board and the land is not covered under Urban Land Ceiling limits


Village Survey No. Extent
(in Acres)
DRY/WET Land Rate Per Acer Market Value
Acres Dry / Wet Land
Total Rs.

The payable Deficit Stamp Duty of Rs. /- (Rupees ) Registration Fee Rs. /- (Rupees ) User Charges of Rs. /- (Rupees ) the Total amount of Rs. /- (Rupees ) paid through Challans and enclosed.

Signature of the vendee Signature of the vendor